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(Private) VISUAL COACHING for Companies

I show companies easy and effective ways to produce and use visual Film and Photography Content for their Social Media Channels.

Every company has different needs for their specific Visual Social Media solutions and that needs to be discovert.

What content matches your favorite Social Network ? What is the right Social-First-Format ? What is the right Visual-Social-Media-Strategy ?

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Possible Languages: German and English

KEYNOTES for Companies and Events

Keynotes are about Visual Social Media Production and Content:

-Keynote 01: The specifics of Social Media Film Productions in 2019 and what the huge difference to a classic Film Productions is

-Keynote 02: How to produce effective and stunning Film- and Photography Content with your Smartphone

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Possible Languages: German and English

WORKSHOPS for Companies, private Persons and Events

Workshops are a mix of theory and practice for Visual Social Media Content.

First off, we learn all the success factors for visual Social Media Content in 2019. 

After that, we practise those techniques in real-life Film- and Photography tasks.

Optional is a camera-introduction course in between.

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Possible Languages: German and English

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