Moritz Becker is an internationally recognized Filmmaker, Director, executive Producer and Speaker / Consultant, specialized in Social Media First Content and Brand Building with 10 years of experience.

While most production companies were still busy in the classic advertisement world, Moritz saw great potential in the new social media scene and shifted his focus early on.

His pioneering work with same-day deliveries for brands like Snipes and Adidas made Moritz Becker well known in the industry. 

"A true problem solver and pioneer in the fast and vibrant social media market"

Nowadays he works mainly on vibrant Social-First commercials, as an expert Camera- and Steadycam-Operator, in classic advertisement and as a Speaker / Consultant for companies and personal brands

A "Moritz Becker Project" means fast delivery time, a modern, always evolving and creative style, paired with 110% reliability. 

We create fast, modern and vibrant content, combined with aesthetic motion and flying camera movement.

Our films get regularly seen by hundreds of thousands of potential customers and sold multi million products.

With a large network of professional leaders in the business, Moritz Becker is able to produce projects of any size and needs.

Moritz was born in Germany. We are based in Dortmund (Germany), but mostly traveling nationwide and worldwide all year long.

Moritz Becker is a Brand Ambassador for Manfrotto and MSI

Follow the journey on Instagram @moritzbecker

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